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Coconut Court Sunday Lunch: Made With Grandma’s Love and Attention
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Coconut Court Sunday Lunch: Made With Grandma’s Love and Attention

Head chef Kelly Corbin knows how important Sunday lunch is to Barbados.

It’s a big event at Coconut Court Beach Hotel where locals and tourists get together for the most important meal of the week.

Many Bajans head to the south coast hotel after church, dressed in their Sunday best. For guests and others from off-island, it’s a chance to sample some “home” cooking and take part in an important ritual.

“Traditionally, Bajans worked hard all week and sometimes didn’t have a proper meal from Monday to Friday,” said Kelly, who has worked at the hotel since 2011.

“On a Sunday, it’s different. On a Sunday we make sure we eat well.”

Just Like The Old Days…

Baked chicken, fish cooked creole-style (and fried and grilled) beef stew, ham, vegetables and of course, those stars of the Bajan table, macaroni pie and rice and peas.

There are three salads and for dessert there’s ice cream, two types of cake and fruit salad.

“In the old days, Grandma would have been up early on a Sunday,” said Kelly. “Maybe she slaughtered and marinated the chicken on the Saturday and picked the vegetables from the garden.

“We get a lot of locals here. I think it’s because we do it the homely way. We give it Grandma’s love and attention. We even pickle our own cucumber!”

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Kelly may no longer slaughter the chicken, but she and her staff are in the kitchen at 5am getting things ready.

Sunday lunch is from 12.30 to 3pm, costs $70 and includes a free drink.

The all-you-can-eat buffet is accompanied by a cool breeze and the sound of the sea in the hotel’s beachside restaurant.

So if you missed a meal during the week, why not catch up at Coconut Court. Join the party on the day of rest – rest for everyone that is, apart from Kelly and her team!

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