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Coconut Court – Soaking Up The Sun
Coconut Court – Soaking Up The Sun

Barbados Sunshine Works Twice As Hard At Coconut Court Beach Hotel.

(See Video below if you don’t believe us!)

Barbados sunshine not only attracts tourists, it helps Coconut Court do its bit for the environment and save money.

It’s a win-win situation for the south coast hotel, which has solar panels over most of its roof.

Positive Feedback From Guests

“We were one of the first hotels in Barbados to install solar panels,” said Mark Blades, Coconut Court’s maintenance manager. “They will last about 20 to 25 years and they don’t need much looking after, just cleaning once a year.”

The panels have reduced Coconut Court’s monthly power bill by about one-third and led to a daily reduction in carbon dioxide emissions of more than 200kg.

This daily saving is equivalent to a car being driven for 7.7 hours. Annually, the panels have reduced the hotel’s CO2 consumption by 73,000kg, equivalent to a car being driven for 118 days non-stop.

Some of the panels are visible from the reception area, which also overlooks the beach.

“We get a lot of positive feedback from guests,” said Mark. “Air conditioning is the big draw on power, but we have made sure we installed energy-efficient air conditioning units as well as all LED lighting systems.”

Barbados Light and Power, the island’s electricity generating company, buys electricity from the hotel, then sells it back at a reduced rate. This reduces the hotel’s monthly power bill from about Bds$40,000 (US$20,000) to Bds$25,000 ($US12,500), depending on occupancy.

Water Savings Too…

Barbados is largely dependent on fuel oil imported by sea and paid for in US dollars. So solar power has a positive impact on the island’s balance of payments.

The panels are the latest in the hotel’s green credentials. It also has a 50,000 gallon rainwater tank to flush about 30 toilets and irrigate the hotel’s gardens.

The solar panels were installed by island company Solar Watt Systems Inc in September 2015. The YouTube video features some great aerial shots (just a little reminder of Coconut Court’s fantastic beachfront location). You can, of course, see the panels too!

So when you’re next relaxing on Coconut Court’s beachside loungers, remember you’re not the only one soaking up the sun.

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