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Jakes Island Grille

Jake's Restaurant
Indoor Sitting
Jake's Restaurant
Indoor Sitting
Live Music
Full restaurant at night
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friends having drinks
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friends having a drink
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Jake's Restaurant
Dining Options
Chef Grilling
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Jake's Island Grille offers a unique and contemporary dining experience with an  unpretentious atmosphere and friendly cool-as-can-be service. Our menu features top quality steaks, succulent ribs, seasoned chicken, and pork and our signature homemade burgers. Jakes also serves fresh local fish and seafood dishes, and several appetising vegetarian choices. Our guests can also relax in our vibrant and colourful courtyard bar which features classic cocktails, stunning wines and a selection of expertly crafted Caribbean rum cocktails while listening to the best and latest reggae and chart hits. Featured dinner specials are available each week. Reservations are recommended. All guests are welcome. 

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Daily Opening Times | 5 p.m. to Midnight

Daily Happy Hours | 6-7 p.m. & 9-10 p.m.